Customized Dental Tweezers With Angled Tips Surgical Tweezers Medical Forceps Custom

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Zhejiang Huiya Medical Products Co., Ltd.,is located in Zhoushan city,it is near Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. As the market need to develop, our main products include disposable dental instrument kits, implant kits, irrigation tubes, medical dressing kit, medical surgical kits and so on.

We have professional technical personnel and management personnel, use professional mechanical equipment and testing equipment to refine production, and conducts management assessment in strict accordance with ISO13485 and CE quality management system. Professional Customized Dental Tweezers With Angled Tips Surgical Tweezers Medical Forceps Suppliers and Factory in China

Now we continue to develop new products with the spirit of excellence, provide excellent and safe products for the majority of users, and contribute to the cause of human health.

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Customized Dental Tweezers With Angled Tips Surgical Tweezers Medical Forceps

Angled tip Tweezers made from stainless steel with beveled edges and an anti-magnetic properties. Medical forceps are designed specifically for dental use, it will not damage the nerves and provide a perfect grip on tissue.Customize our Dental Tweezers With Angled Tips Surgical Tweezers Medical Forceps with a name, logo or medical text. Seriously, you can print whatever you want on these! Whatever your procedure requires there is a tip style to match. All tweezers have sprung handles for comfort and control. Available in multiple colors, styles and materials.Dental surgery is a very precise, delicate process. Our custom dental tweezers were designed and precision crafted with only one goal in mind: to be the ultimate dental tool for precision application of forceps, endodontic instruments, surgical instruments and dental tools. Using these tools can reduce your risk of error while performing all types of minimally invasive and even traditional dentistry procedures.Dental Tweezers are used for the picking and removal of small objects, such as particles of food or gravel, from the teeth and gums.

Dental Tweezers With Angled Tips Surgical Tweezers Medical Forceps,These tweezers have an angled tip head with a smooth, comfortable finish. These medical grade stainless steel tweezers are great for precision work. The self-pinch design prevents excessive hand pressure by pulling and holding the forceps in place with minimal effort. Made of stainless steel, they feature a stainless steel spring lock that securely holds virtually any instrument, while allowing quick opening and closing when needed.Made of stainless steel, our precision-crafted dental tweezers will fit neatly in your hand. With an angled tip and a smooth, non-stick surface, you can pluck difficult hairs at the root to minimize pain and stimulation for patients. The sturdy construction makes our surgical tweezers ideal for use in oral surgeries.Our custom dental tweezers are designed to have the right angle at the tip to be gentle on your gum and get under any visible particles of plaque or food. Precision crafted with surgical stainless steel and heat-treated carbon steel, they are stronger than ordinary tweezers.

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