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Zhejiang Huiya Medical Products Co., Ltd.,is located in Zhoushan city,it is near Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. As OEM Disposable Dental Bibs Manufacturers and Wholesale Dental Bibs Factory, our main products include disposable dental instrument kits, implant kits, irrigation tubes, medical dressing kit, medical surgical kits and so on.

We have professional technical personnel and management personnel, use professional mechanical equipment and testing equipment to refine production, and conducts management assessment in strict accordance with ISO13485 and CE quality management system.

Now we continue to develop new products with the spirit of excellence, provide excellent and safe products for the majority of users, and contribute to the cause of human health.

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Disposable Dental Bibs Wholesale

Disposable dental bibs are a type of disposable dental instrument that are used to protect clothing during dental procedures. They are typically made of paper or a combination of paper and plastic and are designed to be used once and then discarded. They are usually sold in bulk for wholesale distribution.Dental bibs can be purchased from dental supply companies and wholesalers at a discounted price when purchased in large quantities. Some wholesalers offer custom printing options, allowing dental practices to have their logos or branding printed on the bibs.When looking for disposable dental bibs wholesale, it's recommended to consider factors such as price, quality, and the supplier's reputation. It's also important to ensure that the bibs comply with the regulations of your country and that the supplier is reliable and trustworthy.

Using a disposable dental bib is a simple process that involves the following steps:
Open the bib: Take the bib out of the packaging and open it up.
Position the bib: Hold the bib by the top and position it around the patient's neck, making sure that the bib covers the patient's chest and lap.
Fasten the bib: Most bibs have a fastening mechanism, such as a tie or a snap, that can be used to secure the bib in place. Make sure to fasten the bib snugly, but not too tightly, so that the patient can breathe comfortably.
Begin the procedure: Once the bib is in place, you can begin the dental procedure. The bib will help to protect the patient's clothing from any droplets or debris that may be generated during the procedure.
Discard the bib: After the procedure is complete, remove the bib and discard it in a designated waste container.
It's important to note that disposable dental bibs should only be used once and then discarded. They should not be reused or laundered as it may cause cross-contamination and spread of infection.
It's also good practice to have the patient wear a disposable dental bib before any treatment is done, even if it's a routine cleaning. This will help to protect the patient's clothing and maintain a clean environment during the procedure.


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