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Zhejiang Huiya Medical Products Co., Ltd.,is located in Zhoushan city,it is near Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. As the market need to develop, our main products include disposable dental instrument kits, implant kits, irrigation tubes, medical dressing kit, medical surgical kits and so on.

We have professional technical personnel and management personnel, use professional mechanical equipment and testing equipment to refine production, and conducts management assessment in strict accordance with ISO13485 and CE quality management system. Professional Disposable Dental Explorer Probe Dental Probes Suppliers and Factory in China

Now we continue to develop new products with the spirit of excellence, provide excellent and safe products for the majority of users, and contribute to the cause of human health.

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Disposable Dental Explorer Probe Dental Probes

Disposable Dental Explorer Probe Dental Probes exploration with long-lasting, high quality and firmness – these polystyrene explorer probes are a great solution for your needs.These disposable dental explorer probes are helpful for dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental professionals. The fine point design makes it easy to insert under the gum line to find any cavities or rough spots that require treatment.Disposable Dental Probe is made of high quality stainless steel and with a comfortable handle. With a right tip angle, it can easily reach the deepest part of your mouth.This disposable dental explorer probe is a great inexpensive solution to keeping your patient safe while they receive dental care. Perfect for use in the office and dentist’s chair!This probe is made of high quality stainless steel and is disposable. It has a smooth surface for easy clean up.

Perfect for dental procedures, these disposable Dental Explorer Probes are designed to be used with the Dental Explorer for probing teeth and cleaning around gum lines. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the probes are single use and come pre-packaged in a sterile zip-top bag.Better value are our dental explorer probes which are economical, disposable and yet precise. The disposable design makes for easy cleaning and prevents the spread of infections.Dental explorer probe for oral examination. Features: Covered in one layer of ultra thin sterilized latex-free polyethylene; Conveniently packaged in a disposable clear plastic container. Our disposable dental explorer probes are made from polyethylene, combine the smooth feel of nylon with the strength and rigidity of polypropylene. They're strong, yet flexible on hard surfaces and tend to spring back when bent into curves. These probes can withstand both high speed burs and handpieces without chipping or breaking ...

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